Which is Best In Tech?

Technology and innovation are coming fullspeed towards us from so many directions all over the world. But, Which Country Has The Best Technology? Each country in this global tech race hassomething special to offer. Different countries have different specialtiesand deciding which one has, quote, the best technology really comes down to what you valuethe most. “Technology” is just usingscientific knowledge for normal, everyday purposes. So, the term “Best Technology” can consistof many things - electronics, infrastructure, scientific advances, internet, you name it. If your personal definition of “best technology”revolves around electronics, Japan may be your pick. It’s been named one of the top five economiesdeveloping cutting-edge digital technology and for good reason, too. Japan has the highest quality of silicon forsilicon processing chips, helping advance the world of electronics. And Japan is a leader in robot production. They’ve had great success using robots toreduce costs in their auto industry. And Tokyo’s public transit system is oneof the best and most reliable in the world, with their fastest trains going 200 milesan hour! Lemme do some quick calculations here... [mumbling] Carry the one. That's very fast! If you prefer great technology in the formof futuristic, green buildings and innovative city design, then Singapore may have the besttech for you. This quickly rising, superstar of a countryis less than 300 square miles and filled to the brim with tall buildings, with littleland left. To offset the greenery lost from development,buildings are covered with flowers, shrubs and even trees. There are parks on top of buildings and bridgesconnecting the city’s green spaces. Plus, Singapore has some pretty solid internetso you could easily share pics of this amazing place. In early 2017, their internet connection speedpeaked at 185 megabytes per second, the highest peak in the world. The United States is often thought of as theleader in tech, what with Silicon Valley and all, but it seems to be slipping down theranks. Government-funding for scientific researchand development for new tech has been falling for decades. Electronics like the smart phone you might be watching this on wouldn’t bearound if it weren’t for government-funded research. The US is also failing to provide tech workers. It’s estimated there are 3 million moreSTEM jobs available than there are people to fill them. It’s not all bad though. The US does produce the most advanced degreesin science and engineering and publish the most high-impact scientific publications. Plus, the US ranks second on the Global CompetitivenessIndex, which takes innovation, economy, and infrastructure into account. So we’ve got all that going for us. You might be wondering where China comes intoplay in this conversation. China is a huge leader in the tech industryin a variety of ways and they’re gaining traction on the US. In terms of government spending for scientificand technological research, they’re the 2nd biggest spenders and are quickly catchingup to the united states. As for everyday tech, their devices are moreintelligent too. China has the most machine-to-machine communicationof any country in the world. This means that more of their devices aresending messages to each other. Think, a car talking to a home security systemtalking to a television. and i'm trying to get in on that conference call because it sounds like it'd be a great conversation. With so many technologically-advanced countries,it’s hard to say which one is “best”. ButIs it is cool to see all the technology being developed to help better the world and people'severyday lives. The countries listed in this video are justa few examples. but which country do you think is the most technologically advanced? Let us know in the comment section below. and are you curious to know what would happen if we built a new continent? then check out this video! first things first, you would need to find a spot to build in international waters. meaning the part of the world that is not claimed by anyone else. you need to be at least 200 miles from any existing countries territorial sea baseline. as always, my name is Blocko! This has been life noggin! Don't forget to keep on thinking. 

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